Back to school!?!

The summer break zipped right by — although it seems to have left the near-100 degree heat behind as a reminder.

Area school districts have either started classes or will soon. University Health System teamed up with KSAT and other local partners to provide last-minute vaccinations at the Alamodome earlier today. If you still need back-to-school vaccinations, here’s a handy list of locations and times from San Antonio Metropolitan Health District — including the schedule of University Health System’s healthyUexpress mobile clinic.

In honor of families rounding up the kids and scooting them out the door to school, we’re resurrecting a couple of our past stories that might be of help.

One of our pediatricians offers some advice on the A-B-Cs of back-to-school: academics, bedtime and chow.

Does your kid have asthma? Don’t forget the asthma action plan for school, says Dr. Donna Beth Willey-Courand.

And sleep specialist Dr. Karen Hentschel-Franks has some good advice for helping your kid get enough ZZZs.