Celebrating the New Year safely

To many, New Year’s Eve means silly hats, noisemakers and fireworks displays.

To help you and your loved ones have a safe and happy New Year’s holiday, Health Focus SA is offering this rerun of our July 4 column on fireworks safety.

Don’t think of it as old news. Think of it as timeless advice.

If your celebration plans include Champagne — or any other adult beverage — recruit a designated driver or take a bus or taxi home. The Texas Department of Transportation has an easy-to-use site, SoberRides.org, which uses your location to help you find alternate transportation. And AAA Texas offers complementary rides to members and non-members through its Tipsy Tow program.

And remember — beginning New Year’s Day, it is illegal to use a hand-held phone when driving in San Antonio except in an emergency.

Photo by Gabriel Pollard

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