Health in the headlines

Need to catch up on the latest health news? We’ve gathered the highlights for you. Are your teenagers couch potatoes? Nudge them outside to improve their mood, new research shows. By the same token, make them leave their cell phones on the table before they go.  If teens are vaping, it could put them at greater risk to form a cigarette habit, a panel of experts has concluded. And is obesity contagious? A study of military families shows it’s not that farfetched. Speaking of obesity, the latest craze is a diet based on your DNA. But does it work? And in the did-you-ever-wonder department, you know those embarrassing hospital gowns? Why can’t they come up one that covers our backsides?

Being around trees and other greenery may help teens stave off depression — Washington Post, Jan. 22

Less smartphone time equals happier teenager, study suggests — Los Angeles Times, Jan. 23

Military families bolster the case that obesity is indeed contagious — Los Angeles Times, Jan. 23

Vaping can be addictive and may lure teenagers to smoking, science panel concludes — New York Times, Jan. 23

Why do hospitals bare bottoms when there are better gowns around? — Stat, Jan. 25

What is the science behind personalized diets based on your DNA — National Public Radio, Jan. 22