Learning to walk again

For those who’ve found it hard to walk after an injury or a stroke, technology can help them relearn how to walk.

The Ekso exoskeleton is a kind of wearable robot that allows patients to stand and walk. Sensors in the device control its movements as the patient shifts weight.

“It’s kind of a training tool to help the patient figure out how to weight shift so that they can get back to the normal pattern of walking,” said Gabrielle Canales, a physical therapist at University Health System’s Reeves Rehabilitation Center, where the device is used.

Ms. Canales has been working with 37-year-old Isaac De Lua Ruiz, who was injured in a motorcycle accident.

“The benefits of walking in this have been dramatic for me,” Mr. De Lua Ruiz told KENS 5 reporter Jeremy Baker.

The complete story on KENS can be seen here. It is part of the Real Men Wear Gowns partnership between University Health System and KENS to raise awareness about men’s health issues.

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Photo by Mark Greenberg Photography