Pinpointing the source of heart disease

When Antonio Vargas became too weak to do the things he enjoyed, his daughter Mimi Cruz brought him in for care.

Doctors at the Heart and Vascular Institute at University Health System threaded a catheter to the vessels leading to his heart and found blockage in multiple vessels. They treated him with medication until he became strong enough to undergo a second procedure to open a vessel and implant a stent.

Cardiac catheterization is an important diagnostic tool in determining heart disease. Mr. Vargas’s story, one in a series of stories that make up the Real Men Wear Gowns campaign, a partnership between University Health System and KENS TV to raise awareness about men’s health issues, can be seen here.

Dr. S. Hinan Ahmed, an associate professor of cardiology at UT Health San Antonio and interventional cardiologist who practices at University Health System, said chest pain, weakness and difficulty breathing could be a sign of heart disease, and patients with those symptoms should see a doctor.

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Photo by Mark Greenberg Photography