Why prediabetes is the next big thing

You may have heard the term “prediabetes” recently. Maybe you thought, why should I be worried about a disease I don’t yet have?

Think again. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 86 million — yes, million — Americans have prediabetes and aren’t aware of it. All of those people are at very high risk of developing the disease.

Now the medical community is trying to get to those folks before they become full-blown diabetics, working to promote better eating and exercise. Researchers at University Health System’s Texas Diabetes Institute have launched a study to find out if giving those folks medicine might prevent the disease as well.

Wendy Rigby, bioscience and medicine reporter at Texas Public Radio, spoke to Curtis Triplitt, a researcher at TDI, about prediabetes and why doctors are starting to target it.

You can read and listen to their conversation here.