Trick your kids into moving (off the sofa)
6/14/18 102224 -- San Antonio, TX --- © Copyright 2018 Mark C. Greenberg for University Health System Tour of the new Fitness Trail at the San Antonio Zoo, sponsored by University Health System

Trick your kids into moving (off the sofa)

"Mom! I'm bored!" Summer is here, school is out and the kids are probably staring at an electronic device of some sort instead of being active. To remedy that, University Health…

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Meaning it this time

Does your New Year’s resolution involve being more physically active in the coming year? And did you have exactly the same resolution the year before? Maybe the year before that?…

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Bottom of the class?

Unfit? That's how the American College of Sports Medicine has diagnosed San Antonio in a new ranking of fittest cities. San Antonio ranked 45th out of the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan…

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